How hard is is to be positive!

We started badly.

Being positive is a matter of attitude (with “T”) rather than aptitude (with “P”).

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There are many ways to acquire new skills, as well as many ways of acquiring new attitudes, different from what is customary until then. The biggest difference is that in most cases, the skills will be judged and evaluated by third parties, while the attitudes will be (or should be) evaluated by oneself, before others observe them.

Although it seems cryptic, it is very simple (I will explain it with an example): If I intend to be a gardener, I may have a certain “innate” ability. for this, although with practice I will acquire more knowledge, more skill, until I reach the point where my skills in this field will be recognized (I can take 100 years to get it, maybe you only have 2 or 3). The attitude, must be exercised and be recognized by oneself, and it will be then when showing it repeatedly, it will be seen by others (although perhaps they never recognize it).

So, how can I have a positive attitude? Well, starting upside down, do not ask yourself how to do it, that’s putting the obstacles before and asking yourself how to get around them, the first question is: Why do you want to to be negative?

If you find yourself walking (occasionally it’s good to do some exercise ;-)) you can have several attitudes, one of them can be: “I do not like the environment, people annoy me, I’m tired.”; and another may be: “It’s a beautiful landscape, clouds have an interesting shape, I like to walk without the stress of work.” Yes, I know you will tell me that it depends on the environment, that a sunset on the beach is not the same as an afternoon in the main square of the city; and I answer: It depends on your attitude. If you do not like the place where you are, does it prevent someone or something from changing places? It is not about thinking that all situations and moments are idyllic, it is about not thinking about negative circumstances (unless it is to solve them). It’s a question of aTtitude, not of aPtitude.

Be happy! [/ cookie]